Good Finds on Friday Vol. 9


Fun fact: I used to be a night weekender at the hospital, so I would work on Saturday and Sunday nights. I didn’t love Fridays because it meant my work week is just starting! Shout out to all you weekenders out there!

Now I’m like super pumped for the weekends because we are actually home and spending time together. QT is my jam.

Here are your GFF

  1. Surfer Curl: THE BEST MASCARA in the world. I’m not exaggerating. It’s on sale here 2 for $30, but use the code NEW for an extra $15 off!!

2. St. Tropez Classic Self Tanner: This is by far my favorite sunless tanner! It comes out a little green, don’t let that scare you. It gives you the BEST base color! I just put it on for my trip!

3. Soma Wireless Bra: This is my FAVORITE bra. They are on sale today and only $29!! Grab a few. They’re totally worth it. They also have nursing options for the same bra!!

4. Poop pills: They do the job. Safe and clean. I take 2-3. Don’t go anywhere in the morning and don’t go for a run. May be speaking from experience. 😉

5. My favorite bathing suit: Aerie is 25% off swim this weekend and this is by far my favorite place to get swimsuits! This leopard one is my absolute favorite! I actually just bought my very first high waited TWO PIECE (who am I!?) and I really liked it. (top, bottom)

XO Ash!

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