Momiform: Everyday Dresses

You know what is the easiest outfit option? A DRESS.

Not like a fancy dress, but just an easy dress you can throw on and look way more put together than you actually are. My kind of outfit. Little effort, but confident feel.

AND I’ve always loved dresses. I used to get mad at my mom because she wouldn’t let me wear dresses everyday and my grandmother could. 🙂

Here are some affordable options!

  1. T-shirt Dress: If there was a place I would recommend to find tshirt dresses, it’s Old Navy. They always seem to have tons of options. I LOVE this striped one! I sized up to a large for length ( I’m 5’9′) and a little more boxy feel. IT DOES SHRINK so just be aware.

2. Waist Defined T-shirt Dress: Love this new dress from Old Navy! It’s just a normal tshirt dress with a little elastic in the middle to give yourself a little more of a figure. I really love this color, but there are tons of options!

3. Lightweight dress: LOVE this dress too. There are tons of colors. It’s very classic and there are tons of color options.

4. Tshirt Midi Dress: I love this because it’s longer and you don’t have to worry about bending over!! HELLO MOM DRESS. Its easy to dress up or down. Such a good dress! Would be a good body con dress for someone pregnant!

Hope these are helpful!

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