Good Finds on Friday Vol.2

WE MADE IT! Friday is here!!

Here is this week’s Good Finds on Friday !

  1. Extra High Waisted Sky- Hi Straight Jeans from old navy. THESE ARE THE BOMB. I mean they had me at extra high waisted, but I love the way these fit. TTS.

2. Dash Mini Waffle Maker: Guess what?! I actually make EGGS in this. I’ll show yall in stories or on a reel this week. It’s awesome and $10 so even better!

3. Becca Under Eye Brightening Correcter: This is how I cover up my dark circles. It is THE BEST. I put an eye primer on first, then this, then the concealer. It will change your life.

4. Peplum top: I got this last week and loved it! I’m going to get it in both colors. Just love how it fits. I would size up if you don’t want it too cropped. I did.

5. Tula Primer: I’m on my 3rd bottle. It’s worth all the talk from the influencers. It gives your face a nice tint and really blurs everything together. It doesn’t necessarily cover like a foundation or CC cream, but it does blur your skin together and give it a nice glow. I use it every day. It’s more part of my skincare routine now than my makeup routine.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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